On-site colocation support in any data center in the Netherlands and Moscow region (Russia)

Smart remote hands — on-site support from HOSTKEY's experienced engineers and admins 24x7. Delegate IT management and maintenance tasks in ANY data center in the Netherlands and Moscow region.

Smart Hands is our comprehensive tech support division staffed by industry professionals. A remote data center can make even the most mundane maintenance a costly trial. Our team of professional data-center engineers are ready to respond day and night, ready to provide immediate support whenever the need arises. We can handle any task from basic server maintenance to complex operations requiring the experienced hand of highly-trained specialists.

Our Team is on call for work in any data center in the Netherlands around-the-clock. Their prompt action will allow our engineers to deal with any service issues affecting our IT infrastructure from routine operations to emergency situations, and thus minimizing expense and maximizing maintenance efficiency.

Our advantages


We serve data centers within 300-km radius of Amsterdam and Moscow region (Russia)


A full range of server services (assembly and installation, maintenance, system and network administration, project deactivation)


A full range of server services (assembly and installation, maintenance, system and network administration, project deactivation)


Field engineers work under the remote supervision of highly qualified full-time HOSTKEY engineers


We conclude an NDA and SLA at a company level and with our specific employees


Video recording or video streaming for workflow control


Prompt purchase of consumables, components and equipment


Temporary provision of replacement equipment


We work according to customer regulations


Guaranteed wiping of disks after decommissioning


We dismantle and dispose of equipment

Advantages of smart remote colocation support

Routine operations are the life support system of any IT business, and our Smart Hands engineers can be on site to carry out even the most basic of functions, saving you time and money in eliminating the need for repeated presence in the data center. All of our customers enjoy emergency response support which guarantees business continuity for both you and your clients. Our experienced staff are on call around-the-clock, every day of the year. The Smart Hand Service is designed specifically for clients whose staff are not in close proximity to the data center, or indeed for when those people are needed elsewhere – we can step in and take care of business.

From a few servers to aisles and aisles of racks, we can handle IT infrastructure of any complexity.

Our in-house engineering, operations, and support teams have more than 20 years’ experience guiding customers through their data center journey. Our engineers service more than 4000 servers in multiple datacenters. Our vast experience has enabled us to accumulate a uniquely deep expertise, which in turn allows us to resolve the most difficult of issues both quickly and with the utmost professionalism.

All work is performed to the client’s technical specifications, or indeed with your remote input. If you require it, we can take photos, video or even live stream the whole work process and its results.

Services we offer

Inventory Auditing and Installation Planning

Rack & Stack

Servers and Network support

Equipment and Network troubleshooting

Equipment and Network troubleshooting

Shipping & Receiving

Storage & Material Management

Dismantling and disposal of equipment

Is it worth it?

Let’s imagine that you have one rack in a data center in Amsterdam and your IT team is located in Malta. Your IT engineer has to visit the data center in Amsterdam 2 times a month for routine work, which takes 1 business day. This is not even mentioning the cases when you need an urgent response when something goes wrong unexpectedly.

Let's add up your expenses per month.

Transport expenses: 2 flights Malta - Amsterdam - Malta = €170 * 2 = €340

Accommodation: 1 night, 150 Euros per night = €150 * 1 night * 2 trips = €300

Salary: 70 Euros per hour = €70 * 1 day * 8 hours * 2 times = €1,120

Additional per diem expenses: 200 Euros per trip = €200 * 2 = €400

Total expenses for 1 routine month: €2,160.00

If you purchase the "Professional plan" you pay only 1,060 Euros a month. This is a 50% reduction just when engaged in routine work. Now imagine you have a critical situation with your IT infrastructure and you have to fix your problem as soon as possible. In this case, the value of the speed of reaction cannot be overestimated.

Monthly Plans and prices

You haven’t found the right plan for you? Not an issue, we are open to creating a custom plan for you!

Hourly Basic for medium projects Experienced most popular plan Professional Essential for Large Web projects
6-month contract € 840 per month € 1 250 per month
1-year contract € 340 per month € 760 per month € 1 125 per month
2-year contract € 310 per month € 700 per month € 1 060 per month
Tariffs for transport and business trip expenses additional fees (see table below)
Service during normal business hours * € 75 per hour 5 hours (€68 per hour) 10 hours (€60 per hour) 15 hours (€50 per hour)
After hours and holidays ** € 150 per hour 2 hours (€120 per hour) 5 hours (€100 per hour)
Personal engineer
Response time, hours 12 4 1 1/2
Technical consultation € 50 per hour € 35 per hour free free
Performing planned work at any time of the day or night
Performing unplanned work at any time of the day or night
Audit of the Data Center
Visual inspection of hardware, inventory of installed equipment
Preparation of interconnecting wires and racks and planning their placement
The purchase of all necessary consumables (cables, cable ties, transceivers, braces, organizers, nuts, screws, etc.). The cost of these consumables is charged separately.
Receiving and unpacking of hardware
Rack preparation
Mounting on the rack, connection to the power grid
Preparatory setup for remote access and the installation of the OS
Disposal of packing materials
Placing cross-twisted pair cabling, as well as optical and coaxial cables inside the rack, laying cables in braids, labeling cables, compiling a cable log
Hardware and cable labeling
Troubleshooting servers and network hardware, conducting light repairs and the organization of warranty servicing
Hardware Modernization
Purchasing of hardware and parts
Replacement, installation of parts and the consequent configuration of hardware
Basic Systems Administration (Operating System and software installation and setup, console work, as per the client’s instruction, updating firmware
Parts testing upon request
Network upgrades, new upstreams, cables, transceivers, batteries
Installation of new and dismantling of old hardware
Rotation of archival tapes / hard disks (purchasing, installation and disposal)
Verifying KVM Availability
Provision of our own IP-KVM and RS232-over-IP (moxa nport) hardware 2 times / 3 hours 5 times / 12 hours 10 times / 24 hours
Provision of parts and for repair and upgrading purposes. The leasing of temporary hardware upon request
Dismantling hardware, cables, and drawing an inventory list
DConveyance to the warehouse, packing
Shipping equipment to the client
Disposal / Defect Detection
Sale on the used-hardware market
Guaranteed wiping of all data on the hard disks and resetting of all hardware settings
Temporary hardware storage in its own secure warehouse €100 per month for one pallet
Assembly and testing of hardware (1 unit) upon request
Server management, Firmware Updates and Network Configuration upon request

Charges for work requiring more than 6 consecutive hours to complete are to be agreed upon by both sides before the commencement of the said work.

When installing hardware weighing more than 30kgs, working outside normal business hours including nights and holidays and when assembling or disassembling racks, our handlers shall write-off or be paid double-time.

Charged Hourly – 1 Hour Minimum with 30 min increments thereafter.

Unused hours do not accumulate

In case the total time included in the bundle is exceeded, further time is charged by the hour.

Fees for transport, business trip expenses, transport rental, and fuel expenses are not included.


Monday - Friday, excluding holidays,
07:00 to 22:00 local time


Holidays and hours from
22:00 to 07:00 local time

If you have
any questions or require
more detailed information, please do not hesitate to write to us!

Hostkey’s Smart Remote Hands Are the Smartest!

Whether you rent a server from Hostkey or opt for its co-location service in its data centers located in Meppel, the Netherlands or Moscow, Russia, you can be totally sure that all the equipment will be properly looked after. Both these data centers are staffed with the most qualified smart hands - technology-savvy, knowledgeable, and experienced.

What is more, you can conclude a special agreement with particular specialists, who will relieve you from plenty of other works, which usually are beyond the scope of datacenter technical staff. All your requests to the tech staff will be fulfilled in no time – Hostkey’s engineers are available 24/7. If necessary, our remote hands will go to any other datacenter located up to 300 kilometers from Amsterdam or Moscow region. It will come in especially useful if your IT staff lives far from these regions, so visiting the site becomes a problem.

Not only Hostkey’s will highly trained engineers provide all necessary smart hand data center support from A to Z - they will walk an extra mile for you whenever you need it.

Want to outsource purchasing components, modules or a particular piece of equipment? No problem. An expert from Hostkey will find the best option, buy it, bring to the data center, assemble, install, configure, and launch.

Want to sell, say, your used server after replacing it for a modern one? Just set a task – and a Hostkey’s employee will dismantle and sell any equipment on your behalf (of course, after reliably erasing the data from the disks).

It goes without saying that you will also get a full range of server maintenance and support, plus system and network administration services.

In each data center, remote hands provide universal remote maintenance, including onsite tech support and troubleshooting.

Hostkey’s onsite smart hand support team will install/remove/reposition all your hardware. They will configure and troubleshoot your servers and secure all cables. Also, they will be testing carrier circuits, as well as power cycling your servers, backup power systems and network devices. Also, the team will be providing visual verification for remote troubleshooting. And much, much more – there always is plenty of work to do for data centers’ remote hands service. All works will be performed according to the tasks received from you. If necessary, everything will be recorded on video for you to control the process. Hostkey engineers always supervise the tech staff, you can be sure everything is done properly.

In other words, Hostkey’s tech experts are always ready to lend you a helping hand. Remote control of your servers – that’s what they will provide you with.

With the remote management service from Hostkey, you needn’t worry about your company’s servers, software, storage, and networking equipment anymore. Helping businesses operate their IT systems effortlessly and efficiently - that’s what remote data center management is all about.

Hostkey has every reason to be proud of its tech support. Hands-on experience, aptness and timeliness – that’s what this team has long been known for.