Gambling Hosting

Gambling hosting with the lowest latency

HOSTKEY offers global solutions in a competitive business market for high-performance gambling hosting with the lowest latency. Our user environment allows you to manage all your server needs in one all-encompassing platform, from your own servers and bare metal to cloud computing — with HOSTKEY it’s servers made easy.


Both for your company and your clients. We offer a broad suite of cyber security products to protect you and your client base from all manners of modern security threats. Furthermore, we are fully compliant with the most stringent regulations from the Netherlands Gaming Authority (KSA) which came into force on January 1st, 2020. In accordance with Dutch law, all your data will be secure, and apart from state-of-the-art equipment, we offer complete privacy without outside monitoring. Fair and safe play is good business.

Top Performance

HOSTKEY is everywhere from East to West. Our servers are located in the Netherlands, USA and Russia. We boast high connectivity and a lightning-quick response times with our reserved connections to our “Serverius” Data Center, HE.NET, RETN Networks. We offer a mix of a huge array of peering and ip-transit providers: AMS-IX, SPEED-IX, DE-CIX, GTT Tinet, Level3, DE-CIX, TATA communications, NL-IX, RETN and many other partial, full transit and private fiber peers. Each peering or carrier is connected to multiple 10G ports and is part of the 300Gbps network that is running on our redundant 400Gbps transport backbone to multiple Amsterdam and Frankfurt data centers. You can be where you want to be, and we can get you there fast and easy.

Scalable Power

We can do it big, we can do it small, and we can do it now. HOSTKEY constantly upgrades its underlying architecture greatly expanding our capacity in data transfer and processing. That combined with our powerful servers, including GPU accelerated servers, have generated undeniable results in providing smooth and flawless user experience — an experience which is effortlessly scalable in our own redundant Tier III data centers around the world. Growth at your own pace.

Total Support from the HOSTKEY team

We can bring to our clients a whole host of other key products and services from custom solutions tailor-made for your needs to multi-cloud platforms, all the while leaving full control in your, the client’s, hands. We offer 24/7 tech support — first response in 15 minutes or less. Our performance is competitive on a global scale but at a surprisingly cost effective rate. HOSTKEY can do it all, let’s talk and see what we can do for you.

For more information or to try our gambling hosting solutions, please contact our Sales department