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24 / 7 DDoS protection in the Netherlands

Instant Ddos protection

Instant Ddos protection

Up and running in 30 minutes

Fully automated

Fully automated

Using in-line or always-on protection



Scale up and down based on your needs

Technology driven

Technology driven

New features always being added

free protection by hostkey

High capacity

Incoming traffic limit of 10 Gbps


Layer 3 and 4 protection


Operates in-line or out of path


Scrubbing centers provide lowest possible latency


Use for layer 2 and layer 3 BGP IP-transit


Filter by GRE, fiber cross-connect, colocation or reverse

Cost effective

Set filtering rules for up to 1000 IPs at no extra cost


Provisioned without the need to order hardware or software installations

Customize your
set-up - and get the
perfect balance of
protection and price

In a world where DDoS is being used as a competitive business weapon, the chances are you also need to invest in a higher level of protection than the basic level alone. That’s why we offer a menu of DDoS upgrade packages that let you tailor your protection precisely to the level of threat you face. We are constantly adding additional features to give the most comprehensive protection possible. And, for total peace of mind, check out the SLA that’s right for you too.

ddos upgrade packages

Free setup          
Clean (normal) data-traffic limit 100 Mbps 150 Mbps 350 Mbps 600 Mbps 1,1 Gbps
Incoming (dirty) data-traffic, 1,2Tbps          
Protection level 3, 4 and 7 (volume & application attack protection)          
Unlimited amount of attacks          
Web Application Firewall (WAF)          
Botnet blocking included          
Included SLA Best effort Priority SLA Priority SLA Priority SLA Priority SPLA
Monthly FREE €199 €499 €699 €999

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sales@hostkey.com +31 20 820 3777

Simply get in touch and tell us:

  • Which protection package you want
  • How many servers need protection
  • The IP-address of server(s).

Note: protection is only offered to dedicated and virtual servers and colocation services provided by HOSTKEY in the Netherlands. If you use your own IP ranges, please contact us to indetify technical possibilities and likely solutions. For example, we could announce your network through the filters.

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