Instant access to your data

Maximum availability of resources with minimal download speed

CDN (Content Delivery Network) is geographically dispersed network infrastructure that allows you to optimize the content delivery to end-users on the Internet.

In fact, CDN is a set of servers that transmit the most popular content on your webpage or duplicate the entire resource. Servers are placed based on geographically distributed switching nodes. This way the user will receive the content from the nearest server when accessing your resource. For example, if the main server is located in Moscow, and the user is in New Orleans, he will get the page from the server located in Paris.

Advantages of CDN:

  • Reducing the load on the main resource — you do not have to choose a hosting service based on the peak load.
  • Availability of resources from the network — the geographical distribution reduces the load on communication channels.
  • Increased loading speed — the user will get the content in a shorter period of time. And search engines will appreciate that.
  • Mitigating DDoS-attacks — despite high power attacks, resources will remain available through flexible routing changes.

HOSTKEY uses the resources of its technology partner in order to provide CDN service.

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