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We start preparing your server while you order. Pay and play.



All your actions while managing your server are fully backed up and can be instantly restored without contacting the support team.



You get an unlimited number of reinstalls and a huge number of OS presets.



Full administrative access to your server. No catch.



Container VPS is your individual cloud server.
You get full root access and the ability to configure and manage the virtual private server with ease.

We offer cPanel instant installation as well as a large selection of popular CMS packages, e-commerce
and blogging platforms that could be deployed out of the box.

VPS will be ready in minutes from the moment the order is paid for.

Our Cloud product line is currently being updated. Due to the update, Container VPS services are
not available for purchase.

Please leave your e-mail address in a form below to get notified when our renewed Container VPS
services go live.



Domain registration

Choose an appropriate name and register it in one of the hundreds of available TLDs. Depending on the zone / TLD chosen, domain registration is almost instant in 95% of the cases.



With HOSTKEY you can get Virtual Private Servers with cPanel/WHM.


With HOSTKEY you can get Virtual Private Servers with cPanel/WHM.

To minimize occupied disk space, we are using cPanel especially optimized for VPS.

Here you can get detailed information regarding cPanel/WHM features.

Price for cPanel license is €12 / mo.

cPanel is available for VPS packages with 2GB RAM and higher.

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  • High availability of our virtual servers is achieved due to the following factors:
    • Our equipment is located in TIER III Data Centers.
    • HOSTKEY’s network is connected to the largest carriers and traffic exchange points assuring high connectivity to the rest of the world.
    • We use highly reliable servers: Intel Xeon E5 CPUs, 12-20 cores 2.4 GHz, 64–256 GB RAM, SSDs, RAID-10.
    • Weekly technical backup.
  • Our container VPS are equipped with virtual network adapters with up to 100Mbps bandwidth.
  • CPU core frequency — 2.4 GHz.
  • Firewall option (up to 16 filtration rules).
  • Upgrading or downgrading at any time.

SSD-based VPS are particular suitable for:

  • High attendance projects.
  • Web-shops.
  • Corporate websites.
  • Test environments.

VPS-based SSD from HOSTKEY are secure virtual servers with high read / write speeds. We constantly monitor the condition of the discs, use the server hardware with RAID 10 and perform technical backup on a regular basis.

VPS with cPanel from HOSTKEY — an option that is suitable for both newbies and professionals.

cPanel is a web based control panel, which makes managing your website simple and convenient.

cPanel module consists of two components (cPanel and WHM) and offers a user-friendly graphical web-based interface.

cPanel is specially optimized for the VPS meaning less resources are required for system needs with little or no damage to the functionality of the panel itself.

Why should you choose a VPS with cPanel:

  • Simplicity and convenience
    Sophisticated interface of cPanel / WHM makes it easy to master these modules. Even if you see the interface for the first time, you can start working with it right after installation. Detailed video instructions and tips that accompany all functions make hosting management effortless.
  • Security
    You get full control over all processes: you can set traffic limits, allocate disk space, manage permissions for different user groups, etc. cPanel/WHM supports HTTP and HTTPS. You can connect via SSH to your cPanel account.
  • Operation
    All administrative processes are automated allowing you to launch, reboot and stop the processes and services.
    To make the operation even easier, an option is implemented into cPanel, which allows you to setup automatic updates.
  • Monitoring and statistics
    The monitoring system has an integrated self-diagnostics functionality that evaluates the operation of all running services. IF errors are detected, problem processes are being restarted. Information about all important system events and possible issues is sent to the administrator in a form of notifications.
    For analytics, you can make use of the built-in statistical analysis programs: Webalizer, Analog Stats and AWStats.
  • Integration and scalability
    With the help of cPanel/WHM you can deploy your website in the shortest time possible as well as to install and manage third party modules: Apache, Perl, Wordpress, FTP server, mail server, etc.
    All applications are installed in just a few clicks. As your project grows, you can change the configuration of the modules.
  • Functionality
    Possibilities are only limited by your requirements and as such, the modules you decide to install to meet those requirements. The most commonly used modules are:
    • Webmail
      You can create and edit IMAP, SMTP, POP email accounts. SSL encryption is supported. Push Email technology for IMAP IDLE optimizes the speed of mail deliver for mobile devices.
      The module incorporates multiple email interfaces, in particular, SquirrelMail, Horde and Roundcube. They allow you to access your mail from your browser and setup call forwarding, voice mail, filters, etc.
      It is possible to install spam filters — SpamAssassin and BoxTrapper.
    • Backups
      Built-in Backup Wizard tool allows you to quickly create backups of the necessary data (emails, website, database, etc.) and to save it or send it to another server via SCP or FTP.
    • Databases
      cPanel allows you to manually create the databases and to edit the tables. It supports MySQL, it is also possible to install PostgreSQL.
    • Website content management
      You can use cPanel Web Disk tool to manage your website. It allows you to drag and drop files into your account.
      Standard methods are also available: FTP, FTPS, SFTP, etc.

To find out more about cPanel/WHM

Demonstration interfaces

VPS with cPanel will ensure smooth and trouble-free operation of your website with minimum time and financial investment.

VPS from HOSTKEY is an ideal option for hosting websites that have outgrown shared hosting capabilities. VPS for web hosting will make your projects highly accessible and fast with guaranteed data integrity.

Preparing your VPS for web hosting doesn’t take long: HOSTKEY offers virtual modules with pre-installed CMS. You can deploy your website cost-effectively on SSD-based VPS.

All virtual modules offered by HOSTKEY (Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla) include:

  • SSL support out of the box.
  • Adminer administration frontend for MySQL (listening on port 12322 — uses SSL).
  • Postfix MTA (bound to localhost) to allow sending of email (e.g., password recovery).
  • Webmin modules for configuring Apache2, PHP, MySQL and Postfix.


SSD VPS is an optimal solution for Wordpress hosting since it allows to increase resources as your project grows without having to compete for them with other customers.

WordPress 14.0.1 is based on Debian 8 OS and includes the following:

  • WordPress configurations:
    • Installed from upstream source code to /var/www/wordpress.
    • Integrated upgrade mechanism: get WordPress updates straight from WordPress' creator Automatic.
    • Uploading of media such as images, videos, etc.
    • Permalinks configuration supported through admin console (convenience).
    • Automatic minor updates are supported (convenience).
    • Security note: Major updates to WordPress may require supervision so they ARE NOT configured to install automatically. See upstream documentation for updating WordPress major releases.
  • Useful and popular WordPress plugins:
    • WordPress-SEO
      Optimizes your WordPress blog for search engines and XML sitemaps.
    • NextGEN Gallery
      Easy to use image gallery with a Flash slideshow option.
    • JetPack for WordPress
      Jetpack adds powerful features previously only available to users including customization, traffic, mobile, content, and performance tools.
    • WP Super Cache
      Accelerates your blog by serving 99% of your visitors via static HTML files.
    • Ultimate Social Media Icons
      Promote your content by adding links to social sharing and bookmarking sites.
    • Simple Tags
      Automatically adds tags and related posts to your content.
    • BackupWordPress
      Easily backups your core WordPress tables.
    • Google Analytics for WordPress
      Track visitors, AdSense clicks, outgoing links, and search queries.
    • WP-Polls
      Adds an easily customizable AJAX poll system to your blog.
    • WP-PageNavi
      Adds more advanced paging navigation.
    • Ozh admin dropdown menu
      Creates a drop down menu with all admin links.
    • Contact Form 7
      Customizable contact forms supporting AJAX, CAPTCHA and Akismet integration.
    • WP-Update-Notifier
      Sends email to notify you if there are any updates for your WordPress site. Can notify about core, plugin and theme updates.
    • Seriously Simple Podcasting
      Simple Podcasting from your WordPress site.


When opting for Drupal hosting, it is important to keep in mind the specifics of this CRM framework, which is characterized by high requirements for hosting. Please, note:

  • At least 128MB Ram is required.
  • CMS puts a significant load on the server and SSD-based VPS allow to reduce it.
  • As your project grows, you can upgrade the VPS plan with ease thus increasing resources and creating optimal conditions for the top performance of your website.

Drupal is based on Debian 8 OS. HOSTKEY offers Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 (we recommend to use the latter for development only).

Drupal 7 includes:

  • Drupal 7 configurations:
    • Installed from upstream source code to /var/www/drupal7.
    • Includes drush for command line administration and configuration.
  • Bundled popular Drupal 7 modules and dependencies (installed to /var/www/drupal7/sites/all/modules):
    • Panels
      Drag and drop customized layouts for pages, nodes and blocks.
    • Backup and migrate
      Backup and restore your Drupal site on-demand or on a schedule.
    • Devel
      A suite of helper modules for Drupal module and theme developers.
    • Drush
      A command line shell and Unix scripting interface for Drupal.
    • Ckeditor
      Enables CKeditor (a WYSIWYG editor) instead of plain text fields.
    • Imce
      Powerful image file uploader and browser, with support for on the fly resizing.
    • Recaptcha
      Thwart spammers by adding image or text based CAPTCHAs to your site.
    • PathAuto
      Auto-generate search engine friendly URLs (SEO).
    • GlobalRedirect
      Alias 301 redirects, prevents duplicate content (SEO) .
    • FiveStar
      Simple five-star voting widget for nodes.
    • Webform
      Create forms and questionnaires.
    • Logintoboggan
      Improves Drupal's login system.
    • Admin menu
      Adds dropdown administration menu to the top of the screen.
    • Tagadelic
      Makes weighted tag clouds from your taxonomy terms.
    • Lightbox2
      Places images above your current page, not within.
    • Google Analytics
      Adds Google Analytics js tracking code to all your site's pages.
    • Advanced_help
      Improves the Drupal help system.
    • Rules
      Lets you define conditionally executed actions based on occurring events.
    • jQuery_UI
      provides jQuery UI plugin to other Drupal modules.
    • Token
      Provides a shared API for replacement of textual placeholders with actual data.
    • Email
      Support email field in custom content types.
    • Link
      Support URL link field in custom content types.
    • Date
      Support Date field in custom content types.


Joomla offers middle ground between the developer-oriented, extensive capabilities of Drupal and user-friendly but more complex site development options than those in Wordpress.

When choosing Joolma based VPS we recommend to decide in advance which modules you would require and to choose the appropriate VPS plan for that.

Joomla 3 14.0-1 is based on Debian 8 OS and includes the following modules:

  • Archived Articles
    This Module shows a list of the calendar months containing Archived Articles.
  • Articles - Newsflash
    The Newsflash Module will display a fixed number of articles from a specific category.
  • Articles - Related Articles
    This Module displays other Articles that are related to the one currently being viewed.
  • Articles Categories
    This module displays a list of categories from one parent category.
  • Articles Category
    This module displays a list of articles from one or more categories.
  • Banners
    The Banner Module displays the active Banners from the Component.
  • Breadcrumbs
    This Module displays the Breadcrumbs.
  • Custom HTML
    This Module allows you to create your own HTML Module using a WYSIWYG editor.
  • Feed Display
    This module allows the displaying of a syndicated feed.
  • Footer
    This module shows the Joomla! copyright information.
  • Language Switcher
    This module displays a list of available Content Languages.
  • Latest News
    This Module shows a list of the most recently published and current Articles. Some that are shown may have expired even though they are the most recent.
  • Latest Users
    This module displays the latest registered users.
  • Login
    This module displays a username and password login form. It also displays a link to retrieve a forgotten password.
  • Menu
    This module displays a menu on the frontend.
  • Most Read Content
    This module shows a list of the currently published Articles which have the highest number of page views.
  • Popular Tags
    The Popular Tags Module displays the most commonly used tags, optionally within specific time.
  • Random Image
    This Module displays a random image from your chosen directory.
  • Search
    This module will display a search box.
  • Similar Tags
    The Similar Tags Module displays links to other items with similar tags. The closeness of the match can be specified.
  • Smart Search Module
    This is a search module for the Smart Search system.
  • Statistics
    This module shows information about your server installation together with statistics on the Web site users, number of Articles in your database and the number of Web links you provide.
  • Syndication Feeds
    Smart Syndication Module that creates a Syndicated Feed for the page where the Module is displayed.
  • Weblinks
    This modules displays Web Links from a category defined in the Weblinks component.
  • The Who's Online Module displays the number of Anonymous Users (e.g. Guests) and Registered Users (ones logged-in) that are currently accessing the Web site.
  • Wrapper
    This Module shows an iframe window to specified location. Scalability, performance and reliability of an SSD-based VPS make a perfect solution for web hosting regardless how complex your website is. Virtual CMS modules allow you to deploy the website in no time.
Activities of HOSTKEY are mainly regulated by Dutch and Russian legislation.

With respect to certain content, the legislation in these countries is more lenient in comparison to the legislation in some other countries, i.e. USA. The differences mainly relate to the requirements for the information posted. Different countries have different instruments of legal regulation. From this perspective, we can talk about some kind of conventional offshore zone for VPS.

On one hand, HOSTKEY is not suitably qualified to evaluate the content placed on our virtual or cloud servers.

On the other hand, we promptly respond to fraudulent activities originating from our network, or activities that negatively affect our customers or Internet users as a whole.

For all cloud services, two types of backup are used:
  • Technological backup. It is carried out by HOSTKEY and is used for technological purposes only, meaning data recovery in case of failure of the physical hardware, on which cloud services are based.
    On VPS — in case of physical hardware failure virtual server will be restored from a backup on a different physical server. It only takes a few minutes.
    On VDS — technological backup is carried out on separate VPS containers, which are used for VDS.
    Technological backup of Managed cloud is not being performed.
    Data from the technological backup cannot be shared with the client.
  • Backups. Client can setup cloud server backup and its schedule himself. In this case, backup of individual virtual servers will be created.
    With Managed Cloud all VPS can be backed up or only certain ones according to the list specified by the client.
    When required, you can manually restore the desired data from the backup.
    Backups are stored independently from the cloud servers. You need to get additional disk space to store backups.
The responsibilities for the proper functioning of services are split mainly between the client and HOSTKEY.

HOSTKEY is responsible for:
  • Operability of the physical hardware.
  • Correct configuration of software when the software installation was performed by HOSTKEY employees. In case of software bugs, software developers are responsible for their correction.
  • Equipment accessibility on HOSTKEY network.
Client is responsible for:
  • Administering the server(s).
  • Content placed.
  • Timely payment for the services.
  • Elimination of the situations that can directly or indirectly cause harm to HOSTKEY’s scope of activities.