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  1. General Information
    1. These terms (hereinafter referred to as the Terms) contain the terms of the promotion (hereinafter referred to as the Promotion). The promotion consists of providing participants selected in accordance with clause 2 of these conditions (hereinafter referred to as the “Participant”) with a gift in the form of an Amazon gift certificate in the amount of 100.00 US dollars.
    2. Promo Organizer: HOSTKEY B.V.
    3. The services are provided by HOSTKEY B.V.
    4. Receiving a Gift — The Promoter sends a Gift to the email address of the promotion participant which had been entered by the Promotion Participant upon registration as the promotion participant on the page http://landing.hostkey.com/newyearcom. The email address must match the email address in the participant’s personal account on hostkey.com. Furthermore, it is this email address which should be tied to the account of the client from whom payment was received for the services of the organizer.
    5. The Participant — an individual or company that has entered into an agreement with the Promoter for the provision of services https://www.hostkey.com/about/legal during the promotional period, or earlier, and also who has fulfilled the terms of the Promotion (clause 2.1)
    6. The promotion is held from December 16th, 2019 to January 16th, 2020. The Promotion may be completed ahead of schedule in accordance with the decision of the Promotion Organizer.
    7. The promotion includes services related to the Dedicated Servers section https://www.hostkey.com/dedicated-servers/
    8. The cost of the purchased services is determined when they are ordered on hostkey.com, the promotion Organizer’s website or the current terms of use.
    9. The participant is informed and agrees that at the time of participation in the Promotion, the participant has a choice:
      1. not to participate in the Promotion and purchase services without participating in the Promotion, as well as refusing to accept the obligations to comply with these Terms; or
      2. to participate in the Promotion, accept these Terms in full and purchase the services of the Promoter.
  2. Description of the Promotion
    1. Within the framework of the Promotion, the Participant:
      1. Acquires or extends services from the Dedicated Servers section on hostkey.com (https://www.hostkey.com/dedicated-servers/)
      2. When placing an order, indicate in the Add Notes field or relay to the participant’s sales manager the secret code: Lucky2020
      3. Pays for the services of the promoter for a period of 6 or 12 months
      4. Registers as a participant in the promotion on the page http://landing.hostkey.com/newyearcom
      5. Receives a discount on the payment for ordered services:
        • when ordering services for 6 months — 15%
        • when ordering a service for 1 year — 20%
    2. Within the framework of the Promotion, the Promoter
      1. Provides the opportunity to the participant of the action to purchase and pay for the services of the Promoter
      2. Provides the Participant with access to the server based on the Terms and Conditions https://hostkey.com/about/legal provided that they have not been provided previously
      3. On January 17th, 2020, the Organizer determines the winner according to the formula in paragraph 2.4 and publishes the winner’s First Name and Surname and the winner's account ID on hostkey.com in the news section. The Organizer then sends the gifts in the form of Amazon electronic certificates to the winners’ email addresses in the amount of $ 100 within 3 business days from the date the winner is determined.
        The Organizer is not responsible for the winner not receiving a notification of winnings due to errors in the available information about the Participant's data.
    3. Implementation by the Participant of the actions listed in paragraphs. 2.1 of these Terms, means the full and unconditional consent of the Participant with these Terms, which are the offer addressed to the Participants
    4. The procedure for determining the winners:
      1. The procedure for determining the winner is not based on the principle of randomly determining prize numbers. The Winning Participants are determined using a mathematical formula:

        Each Participant is assigned a number, which is calculated by the algorithm:
        N — serial number of the participant
        M — Number of winners
        Pi — Pi number = 3.1415926535
        S — Number assigned to the participant
        • The serial number of the participant received during the registration process is multiplied by the number Pi (3.1415926535) and divided by the number of winners
        • The resulting number is rounded to the nearest integer
        • The number assigned to the participant is the module of the difference in numbers obtained in step 1 and step 2.
        The winner is the participant whose assigned number is closest to zero.
      2. Total Prizes: Amazon electronic certificates with a face value of $ 100 (2 pcs.).
      3. Each Participant can claim only 1 (one) prize.
      4. If the Organizer reveals inaccurate (false) data provided by the Participant of the Promotion, the Organizer reserves the right to exclude the Participant from participation in the Promotion while retaining the corresponding serial numbers.
      5. The organizer of the Promotion is not required to provide the serial numbers of the winners.
      6. The Participants of the Promotion agree that the Organizer has the right to publish the winners’ names on hostkey.com.
  3. Final provisions
    1. These Terms and Conditions come into force from the moment they are published on the HOSTKEY website www.hostkey.com. The Participant is notified of any changes or the termination of these Terms by their posting on the HOSTKEY website, www.hostkey.com, 3 (three) days prior to the said changes entry into force. These Terms and Conditions are considered amended or canceled from the moment specified in the corresponding post.