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Promo: 20% discount on all services for payments in Bitcoin. 

The promo is intended for new customers only and applies to payment for services of renting dedicated servers, including GPU servers

  1. 1. General Information
    1. These conditions (hereinafter the Conditions) contain the terms upon which the promo (hereinafter the Promo) will be held. The Promo consists of the provision to the Promo participant (hereinafter the Participant) with a unique alphanumerical code (hereinafter the Promo Code) that can be used once to get a discount on the purchase of services on www.hostkey.com.
    2. Promo Organizer: HOSTKEY B.V.
    3. The services are provided by HOSTKEY B.V.
    4. Getting the Promo Code: the Promo Organizer sends the Promo Code to the email address of the Promo Participant that had been entered by the Promo Participant during registration in the Client area at hostkey.com.
    5. The Participant is either an individual or a company that concluded a contract with the Promo Organizer for the provision of services https://hostkey.com/about/legal during the Promo period and also fulfilled the Promo Conditions (Clause 2.1)
    6. The Promo will be held from 09.09.2019 to 22.09.2019 and can be terminated early at the discretion of the Promo Organizer.
    7. Only the services relating to the Dedicated Servers section at https://hostkey.com/dedicated-servers/ are subject to the Promo.
    8. The cost of the purchased services is determined when they are ordered on the Promo Organizer’s website, www.hostkey.com.
    9. The Participant is notified and agrees that as of the Promo participation date the participant can opt to:
      1. refrain from the Promo and purchase services without taking part in the Promo and without assuming the duties to comply with these Conditions; or
      2. take part in the Promo, adopt these Conditions in full and purchase the Promo Organizer’s services.
  2. 2. Promo description
    1. As part of the Promo, the Participant:
      1. purchases the services from the Dedicated Servers section (https://hostkey.com/dedicated-servers/): GPU Servers, Virtualization nodes, AMD EPYC servers, Single CPU servers, Dual CPU servers, Sales servers, Micro Servers, 5 GHz CPU servers, Mini servers
      2. has not used the Promo Organizer’s services before
      3. receives a discount on a subsequent purchase of the Promo Organizer’s services . The discount shall be provided to the Promo Participant by emailing the Promo Code that can be used to get a discount during a subsequent purchase of services at www.hostkey.com. To get a discount when placing the order at www.hostkey.com (Clause 2.2.3.), you must enter the received Promo Code in the Promocode field.
      4. The size of the discount on your next purchase of services via the Promo Code depends on the sum total of your purchase during the Promo Period. See the following chart to track your discount: :
        Purchase Size Discount on your next purchase
        €0 – €100 3%
        €101 – €200 5%
        €201 – €1 000 7%
        €1001 – €1 500 10%
        €1 501 – €2 000 15%
        More than €2 001 20%
    2. As part of the Promo, the Promo Organizer shall:
      1. Enable the Promo Participant to purchase and pay for the Promo Organizer’s services
      2. Provide the Promo Participant with access to the server on the basis of the Terms and Conditions, https://hostkey.com/about/legal
      3. Email the Promo Code to the Participant’s email address within 3 days after providing access to the server(s) and upon transfer of the services to the Active status in the Participant’s client area at https://bill.hostkey.com/clientarea.php
      4. The Organizer shall provide the Participant with access to the client area on the website according to the Terms and Conditions, https://hostkey.com/about/legal
    3. The Participant’s employment of the Promos listed in Clause 2.1 hereof shall mean the Participant’s full and absolute consent to these Conditions that constitute the offer addressed to the Participant.
  3. Limitations
    1. The Promo Code shall be valid for 3 months after the date when the Participant received the Promo Code (Clause 2.2.3) and may be used by the Promo Participant once.
    2. The Promo Organizer shall cancel the Promo Code if the Participant refuses to use the services ordered during the Promo and if the Organizer refunds the payment received during the purchase of these services to the Participant (Clause 2.1.1)
    3. If the Promo Participant used the Promo Code (Clause 2.1.3), got the discount for subsequent order on www.hostkey.com and subsequently refused to use the services purchased from the Organizer as part of the Promo (Clause 2.1.1), then the Promo Organizer shall issue an invoice in the amount of the discount actually received by the Participant and the Participant shall pay this invoice within 3 business days after the invoice date. A notice of the issued invoice shall be sent by the Promo Organizer to the email address of the Promo Participant. Upon sending such a notice by the Promo Organizer, the notice shall be deemed received by the Participant.
    4. The maximum discount (Clause 2.1.3) may not exceed EUR 5,000.
    5. The Promo Participant may receive one promo code only during the Promo period.
  4. Final provisions
    1. These Conditions shall take effect upon their publication on the HOSTKEY website, hostkey.com. The Participant shall be notified of changes or termination of these Conditions by publication on HOSTKEY’s website, hostkey.com, three (3) days prior to the effective date of such changes. These Conditions shall be deemed to have been modified or cancelled from the time indicated in the respective notice.