Hostkey – Fosshost partnership announcement

Hostkey signs agreement with to provide it’s growing community project with an essential dedicated server as part of it’s commitment to supporting the free and open source software community. Fosshost has a dedicated support channel within the Freenode IRC community which is currently home to more than 90,000 users and 50,000 registered channels.

Fosshost currently helps more than 30 open source software projects including XFCE, XFCENation, Xubuntu, Gnome Project, XIPH, Celestia Space (as used by NASA, ESA), Manjaro and ActivityPub (W3), Debian Project, QubesOS, LinuxLiteOS, Armbian, Deepin Linux FreeDesktop-SDK, FreeCAD, Garuda Linux. is a free and open source software community project that provides free to use and accessible cloud-hosting services to the open source community. The mission statement of Fosshost is to support the adoption and movement of free software. Fosshost builds long-lasting relationships with projects and work closely with them to design, deploy and architect effective hosting solutions which enable developers to continue to build, develop, design and produce free and open source software. Fosshost never charges for their service. 

The project has a specific interest in supporting underrepresented groups, including the LGBTQIA+ community, femme coders, ethnic minorities and prioritises applications from those who come from a developing country. Fosshost receives many applications from those who have become unemployed as a result of COVID-19 and whilst they cannot provide employment prospects, they can often reduce the financial burden that being unemployed may have upon their project.

We spoke to Thomas, the founder of “The relationship we have with has allowed us to increase our global outreach to projects internationally. The support and experience we have received as a charitable foundation has been exceptional.   All of the projects we have helped are extremely grateful for Hostkey’s support to the Fosshost project”.