2xXeon E5-2680v2 server starts at €88/mo

We are pleased to inform you that we have lowered our prices for the powerful servers based on the 2xXeon E5-2680v2 20x2.8GHz CPU.

The basic configuration 2x2680v2 20x 2.8GHz / 16 Gb RAM / 500 Gb SATA now costs only €88/mo.

The prices for our top selling configurations:

  • 2x2680v2 20x2.8Hz / 16 Gb RAM / 240 Gb SSD — €95/mo.
  • 2x2680v2 20x2.8Hz / 32 Gb RAM / 240 Gb SSD — €99/mo.
  • 2x2680v2 20x2.8Hz / 256 Gb RAM / 4х960 Gb SSD + 4x3 Tb SATA — €330/mo.

We would like to remind you that we offer an additional discount with prepayment, 6% and 12% for semi-annual and annual payments accordingly.

Use our online wizard to configure your own server, or check out our ready-to-use configurations here.