Our solutions deliver your site’s need

For more than a decade, Hostkey has been leading the market with competitively priced colocation services, equipment leasing, and reliable cloud solutions for clients across Europe and North America. We spoke with Dmitry Asafyev, head of marketing, about their solutions and their customer care team of tech experts who are dedicated to customer service and market-leading solutions. Whatever help you need – they’re there to leverage their deep industry knowledge to create bespoke solutions to get you ahead.

What are your Hosting plans?

We offer our customers standard Dedicated and Cloud hosting or individualized, personal server solutions based on their needs. We also provide a set of tools to remotely manage these servers or cloud solutions as well as specialized software for their needs.

With over ten years in the business, we can offer a custom priced solution for each customer based on his specification.  We can also help by setting up, testing, and supporting non-standard hardware solutions.

We also offer flexible solutions allowing customers to rent a dedicated server by the hour.

What is a GPU Server?

It’s always good to have a fast server with a powerful CPU, but it’s even better with a GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) to accelerate the process many times over. Hostkey uses only high-performance GPUs – NVIDIA GTX 1080/1080Ti and RTX 2080Ti and NVIDIA TESLA V100/P100 – powerful units to suit anyone’s needs.