HOSTKEY took part in SPARK+AI Summit
in Amsterdam

Databricks organized its Spark + AI Summit in Amsterdam on 15 – 17th of October 2019, the largest data and machine learning conference in Europe.

During the Spark + AI Summit, attendees participated in discussions about data, machine learning and the practical applications of artificial intelligence (AI).

The main theme of the Spark + AI Summit 2019 was “Build. Unify. Scale." The combination of data and machine learning topics made this conference a 'one-stop shop' for data teams looking for the best tools in data and AI to build innovative products. Concrete practical examples of AI use were discussed as well as the latest developments in the field of deep learning frameworks and Apache Spark integration. Proven methods for producing machine learning models, and for applying Apache Spark in practice, were also shown.

The Spark + AI Summit in the Amsterdam RAI organized various one-day training courses for more than 2,000 participants, in which instruction and practical exercises were given. Finally, the conference also offered knowledge workshops on the latest open-source technologies such as Delta Lake, MLflow and Koalas.

High-performance GPU servers

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HOSTKEY presented its solutions based on high-performance GPU servers to the summit participants.

High bandwidth, hiding latency under parallel threads and easily programmable registers make GPU servers a lot faster than CPU-based ones. Indeed, a CPU often trains a deep learning model comparably slowly. As the GPU accelerates the training of the model, it is a better choice to train a Deep Learning Model efficiently and effectively.

We were not surprised by the high interest among the summit participants in HOSTKEY’s GPU solutions. The most interesting thing was that the participants were divided into two groups. The first group already use both virtual and dedicated GPU servers. Among the second group, we were seen as the pioneers of GPU solutions for AI and Machine Learning.


Market experts have confirmed that our GPU solutions are excellent for AI tasks and demonstrate some of the best results in terms of a cost/processing speed balance.

HOSTKEY stand at SPARK+AI summit in Amsterdam
HOSTKEY's stand at SPARK+AI summit in Amsterdam. Our neighbor is Microsoft.

During the summit, we met more than 500 developers, analysts, and consultants. We discussed the trends, future, problems, and challenges of the Machine Learning and AI market segments.

Furthermore, while at the summit, we drew for a prize — the “SPARK” drone. Our colleague from the Korean telecommunications company SK Telecom became the happy winner of the drone. The summit was so intense and interesting that we had to track down the winner who had forgotten about the draw in order to hand him his prize.

Amazing HOSTKEY team at SPARK+AI summit in Amsterdam

It is nice to realize that we are able not only successfully to develop our business, but also to actively participate in innovative projects that contribute to the development of modern technologies that will change the world of tomorrow for the better.

HOSTKEY at SPARK+AI summit in Amsterdam
Conference participants are interested in GPU solutions

We offer a 10% discount on our GPU solutions not only to summit participants but to anyone who wishes to train their AI and Machine Learning models quickly and cost-effectively.