SPARK + AI summit in Amsterdam

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The Spark + AI Summit is returning to Amsterdam as the Largest Data and Machine Learning Conference in Europe.

The Spark + AI Summit is a key event for data teams, including developers, data scientists and leaders in data and analytics to engage in discussions on the subjects of data, analytics, machine learning and practical applications of artificial intelligence (AI).
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High-performance GPU servers

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About the Summit

The keynote lineup features Katie Bouman, the computer scientist who led the development of an algorithm for imaging black holes. The main stage will also feature the original creators of open source projects including Apache Spark, Delta Lake, Koalas, MLflow and scikit-learn. Within the 170+ sessions, real-world use cases will be shared from organizations including Facebook, Microsoft, CERN, Airbnb, Quby, Sociétié Générale, Swedbank and Zalando.

This year’s event will take place at the Amsterdam RAI Exhibition and Convention Centre, four years after the first ever Spark +AI Summit Europe was held in the city. This Summit offers nearly 2,000 attendees several one-day training workshops, which include both instruction and hands-on exercises. The Summit offers learning opportunities on the latest cutting edge open source technologies including Delta Lake, MLflow, and Koalas.

The key theme for this year’s Spark + AI Summit is: Build. Unify. Scale. Combining data and machine learning topics, this conference is a one-stop shop for data teams seeking to apply the best tools in data and AI to build innovative products. Content for this year’s Spark + AI Summit includes test cases of real-world AI use, the latest in deep learning frameworks and Apache Spark integration, best practices for productionizing machine learning models, and how to use Apache Spark at scale.

Find out more from the full agenda and register to attend this year’s Spark + AI Summit 2019.