HOSTKEY’s network is built on Brocade equipment and connected to the largest carriers and traffic exchange points, which guarantees the availability of resources




HOSTKEY is connected to networks of such telecom operators as RETN, NETBYNET, etc. that have direct channels to DATAPRO data centers. Networks of these operators are based on highly reliable telecommunication equipment and have multiple redundancy that provides network accessibility of server equipment.

Connection to the network of the international operator RETN makes it possible to provide services with high level of accessibility not only in the Russian Federation:

  • The network uses Internet Exchange nodes in Europe, USA and Asia, and it is constantly growing.
  • It is capable of maintaining 100G channels, with a total of 7.2Tbit/s per fiber pair.

For better network performance and latency decrease our Russian network has a direct and redundant bandwidth link to mainland China that allows us to provide our Asian customers with exceptional connectivity.


The Netherlands


HOSTKEY has a reserved connection to Serverius, RETN networks and several traffic exchange points, in particular AMS-IX and SPEED-IX:

  • Serverius network provides a mix of huge amount of peering and ip-transit providers: AMS-IX, SPEED-IX, DE-CIX, GTT Tinet, Level3, DE-CIX, TATA communications, NL-IX, RETN and many other partial and full transit and private fiber peers.
  • Each peering or carrier is connected to multiple 10G ports and is part of the 300Gbps network that is running on our redundant 400Gbps transport backbone to multiple Amsterdam and Frankfurt data centers. Route preferences are not specified, so you always get the shortest routes to other networks.

It allows us to provide our clients with multiple ports, thus ensuring a complete redundancy.


The United States of America


HOSTKEY’s network in New York is connected to the redundant core network of Webair, ensuring excellent connectivity and flexible traffic routing. Webair’s IP transit features dual 1Gbps or 10Gbps handoffs, and blended transit of Level3, Verizon, GTT, and 200+ direct peering relationships.


Test your Internet connection speed to our locations in Russia, The Netherlands and The United States of America.