Dedicated Servers Affiliate Program

Find customers, and get a commission! Start with €20 free!

Do you get web traffic for dedicated servers or cloud hosting? How would you like to make money from that traffic? With HOSTKEY’s affiliate program, you can earn competitive commissions from each sale that you sent to us.

You can get a 10% recurring payment whenever a customer that you referred buys a service from us. Once a click from your website becomes a sale, you get paid. With our recurring revenue option, you can continue earning for the lifetime of that customer.

Real profit sharing by giving you a repeating commission for the whole lifetime of the customer you referred to us, letting you earn passive income.

With less than a 5% turnover rate, HOSTKEY customers rarely leave, so repeating commissions hold real value over the long term.


1st sale 2nd sale Further sales
Your commission* 10% 5% 2%
1st level, sub-affiliate commission** 2% 1% 0%

* You can provide promo codes with discounts to your clients if you wish, but your commission will be smaller by the value of the promo code used. It is calculated as the difference between your commission and client's discount.

** Attention! It is prohibited to engage users by misleading them, including offering fake or non-working promo codes or other fraud schemes. If such methods of attracting users are used, violators will be excluded from the program without paying commissions or other compensation.

For example:

your affiliate client rents a dedicated server for €100 and uses a promo code for a 3% discount. In this case, you will earn your 10% - 3% = 7% for the 1st sale, 5% - 3% = 2% for the second sale, and 2% - 3% = 0% for the further sales.

** If a client who is sent by your sub-affiliate uses a promo code giving a discount, the commission for this sale will not be applied to you.

What payment methods do we support?

We transfer PayPal and Credit cards payments through


Credit Cards

Bank Account

A 10% commission is applied to transactions to your account on

How much can you earn?

Let’s suppose, for example, that 25 servers worth €130 each are paid for every month through your affiliate link. You also get 2 new Sub-Affiliates each month, which, in turn, sell 10 servers also at a cost of €130 per month. Customer loss is 5% per month.

Your income, €

Active income through your affilite link
Passive income through your sub affilites

According this financial model, your income will be around €1,400 a month within a year. Moreover, your active income will be around €1,000 and your passive income will be around €400. Of course, in practice this all depends on the actual sales and how many sub-affiliates you get.

If you generate sales of more than €10,000 a month, then we are ready to discuss individual conditions, unique to you.

How does it work?

As an affiliate, you will get a unique web link. Any leads, or sales, that come through that link are tracked and linked to your account, and as soon as they make a purchase, you get your commission.

Why join HOSTKEY’s Affiliate Program?

We fully understand that your success is our success. That’s why we really care about our relationship with each affiliate partner, and we always try to offer the right tools and strategies to maximize your earning potential and expand our cooperation

Our Affiliate Program offers you truly unlimited opportunities to earn money with clear and fair rules in allnational markets. You can earn over €90 per sale, plus a Sign-Up bonus of €20

Our support team can be easily reached via email andprovides fast response to affiliate inquiries. Our support ranges from day-to-day issues up to strategic advice for higher sales.

We will provide you with some pretty eye-catching ready-to-use creative banners. Plus, our Marketing team is ready to help you in creating content on your website or in your emails to increase sales.

Who can become an Affiliate?

Anyone with an audience looking for rent dedicated servers


Affiliate Marketers can sell our products and earn points. Talk to us to find out more


Tech bloggers have a great chance to be an Affiliate and generate leads through their blog posts


Developers with deep domain knowledge can easily recognize our features and benefits, and they can vouch for them and bring in leads

Our advantages

Get up to a 10% commission for as long as the customer keeps the server.

Better deals mean more sales. The more our Affiliates sell, the more they earn.

Get a commission even if the customer doesn't buy ontheir first visit. You can earn money even if client rents server up to 6 months later!

Bring in new Affiliates to our program and you will get a commission from them downto the third level Sub-Affiliates. Build your Affiliate network and make a passiveincome!

Our short payment hold period means you get paid faster and regularly. We pay every month if your account balance reaches €100.

Our team of Affiliate Managers is there to help you succeed, with personalized tips and best practices in order to help you earn more!

Bring in clients from around the world – it doesn’t matter where they are. Take advantage of this unique opportunity in markets with little competition.

You will be able to access HOSTKEY marketing materials and branded links that you can embed on your high-traffic pages, in emails, blog posts or social media groups.

You can make and track different marketing campaigns to see what works best for your audience and easily change your marketing strategy.

How to start?


Get a FREE account in just a few clicks. Becoming a HOSTKEY Affiliate takes only a few simple steps


Just click on the button below fill out the form with your details. Our team will then create a free account for you


Choose the right offers for you and generate your links


Create as many affiliate links as you like, and point them anywhere on our site. Then, make changes based on what converts best for you and your business


Once you have everything set up, you will be able to see your traffic and payout reports through our simple-to-use affiliate portal. Get paid for every sale associated with your converted click, either with a flat upfront payout or repeating commissions for the life of the account


Get Sub-Affiliates and get a commission from all of their sales!

Dedicated Servers Affiliate Program