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Dedicated Servers in Russia. HOSTKEY
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Dedicated Servers in Russia and the Netherlands

HOSTKEY offers premium and stock offshore dedicated servers in Moscow, Russia and the Netherlands premium Data Centers since 2008.
We operate with a fleet of 1000+ own servers located in Tier 2 and Tier 3 Data Centers, providing premium 24h English support for our international customers.
Virtual servers are deployed at SolusVM nodes with enterprise grade SSD and HDD storages; Windows VPS works in high-availability Hyper-V System Center cluster. We offer SSD-based VPS in NL for excellent prices.

Friendly Support 24x7x365
+7 (916) 479-73-41
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We provide modern hi-tech server leasing with a wide range of services. Dedicated server is an ideal choice for the companies whose information systems and web applications require round-the-clock uninterrupted operation, vast amount of processing power and disk capacity for storage and backup information.

Dedicated servers from HOSTKEY

HOSTKEY offers dedicated servers (server hosting) in Moscow and in the Netherlands. We cooperate with the largest and most reliable Russian and European Data Centers. A dedicated server, allocated in another country is an additional guarantee of security and data integrity. You can get your main server in the Netherlands or use it as a backup server for your corporate data needs.

Dedicated server is a major money-saver. Rather than buying expensive hardware, you can lease it. A dedicated server does not become outdated and does not require long-term maintenance; you will always get a replacement at first request within one working day.

Our highly qualified English-speaking specialists will provide technical support for your dedicated servers 24 hours a day. In case of a dedicated server failure, you will be provided with a new one with a minimal interruption.


I work with Hoskey for some time, and i want say thanks to the everyone involved, great job guys, once again how much i appreciate you all.

Sergio Nunes LayerSpot.netSee more...

HostKey News

NEW Windows VPS (RDP) in NL from 7 EUR only!
HOSTKEY finally deployed HYPER-V cluster in our NL facility and proud to offer reliable Windows hosts. Check it out now!
EU VAT rule change
100Mbps unmetered traffic for RU servers for just 70 euros! Due to low RUR/EUR rate we could decrease traffic price for Russian servers. Enjoy 70 EUR only for unmetered 100Mbps ports in configurable options.
Public holidays notice: Custom RU server delivery may be delayed in period of 31.12-11.01.2015 because of public holidays in Russia.
FREE IP for big servers - free extra IP per 1Gb RAM, order now! You could get free 32IP per 32Gb of server RAM, 64IP for 64Gb etc. LIMITED TIME OFFER
HOT: CUSTOM NL VPS SSD avaliable from HOSTKEY - from 6 euros
1-4 Extreme Xeon E5-1660 3,7GHz cores,0,5-16Gb RAM, 5-20Gb SSD to fit your needs!
Check it out now!
You could check Internet quality:
  • Data Center in Russia:
    50Мb DL, test IP

  • Data Center in the Netherlands:
    50Мb DL, test IP

We offer various discounts depending on the length of the order period. If you order services for:
one year - 12%
half a year – 6%
3 months – 3%.
A flexible system of discounts is also offered for loyal clients.

Our clients
Among the loyal customers of HOSTKEY Company are several Russian companies, of different profile. They have already appreciated the efficiency of our work and have chosen us to ensure the efficiency of their operations.

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